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Helping more people survive cancer is the aim of everything we do.


MatesCONNECT is a telephone-based peer support service for men affected by prostate cancer.

PCFA Telenurse

Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service

Australian Men's Shed Association

Discover a place to connect, a community to belong to & mates that make it all worthwhile

The Penis Project

Everything you always wanted to know about Men’s Health but were too embarrassed to ask.

Prostate Cancer Support Australia

A private peer to peer support group for Australian (and NZ) men and women to discuss experiences, diagnosis and treatments for Prostate Cancer on Facebook

2RNs Health, Wealth and Happiness

We cover Health, Wealth and Happiness issues in easy to understand language. You will not find information on the stock market but practical things to reduce your stress leading to better health and overall happiness.

The Prostate Zone

The Prostate Zone is written by a couple – Alan White and Fiona White – who have experienced the challenges posed by prostate cancer

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